Polishing the wood

The cabinet is applied with a water-based color pigmented with raw land and natural concentrates
After that is performed a laquering by spraying with non-toxic solvents into three steps, interspersed with hand-sanding, waiting several hours from one step to another.
Then we apply the coating and aging, using only waterborne natural products.
Last step: spray application of transparent fixing varnish.

We take the necessary time

The long and slow process of painting our wood ensure a deep absorption of the components, giving the cabinet warm and deep tones, highlighting the grain of the wood and making the polish more durable.

Innovation in wood working

To obtain the best results, it is essential to be always updated with the latest innovative techniques. We also specialize in spray painting, paint brush and hand-made coating systems.
We always follow the latest innovations and we can do any type of finish, even on customer samples. We are available to work under contract with our craftsmanship technique.